Journalism Prize 2012

The list below is of all 140 entries for this year’s Orwell Prize for Journalism. All submitted items were published in 2011. This is not a longlist (which will be announced on 28 March) or shortlist (25 April), but all of the journalism put forward. The entries are listed alphabetically by author’s first name. Links given are to the best page available for the journalist at that publication or news organisation, and do not necessarily reflect the individual articles/items entered.

This year’s Journalism Prize judges are Brian Cathcart and Ian Hargreaves.

Adam Wagner The Guardian; UK Human Rights Blog

Alan Belmore The Yorker

Alex Crawford Sky News; New Statesman

Alice Thomson The Times (£)

Amelia Gentleman The Guardian

Andrew Bounds Financial Times

Andy Beckett The Guardian

Ann Czernik Morning Star

Anthony Loyd The Times (£)

Arkady Ostrovsky The Economist; The Royal Academy Magazine

Camilla Cavendish The Times (£)

Catherine Bennett The Observer; The Guardian

Catherine Mayer TIME

Christina Patterson The Independent; BBC Radio 4

Christopher Hitchens Vanity Fair

Chrystia Freeland Reuters; The Atlantic; BBC Newsnight

Clare Sambrook OurKingdom (openDemocracy)

Cressida Smart The Vibe

Dan Hancox The Guardian; Alternet; The National

Daniel Finkelstein The Times (£)

Dave Hill The Guardian

David Aaronovitch The Times (£)

David Cohen Evening Standard

David Gardner Financial Times

David Goodhart Prospect

David Hayes Inside Story; openDemocracy

David James Smith Sunday Times

David Lister The Independent

David Pilling Financial Times

David Rennie The Economist

David Usborne The Independent

Dean Carroll Public Service Europe

Declan Walsh The Guardian; Granta

Dina Rickman Huffington Post

Donald Macintyre The Independent

Douglas Murray The Spectator; Standpoint

Edward Docx Prospect; The Guardian

Emma Jones The Vibe; The Guardian

Fintan O’Toole Irish Times; openDemocracy

Gary Nunn The Guardian; See Africa Differently

George Monbiot The Guardian

Gideon Rachman Financial Times

Graeme Archer Daily Telegraph

Hamish McRae The Independent; The Independent on Sunday

Hannah Fearn The Guardian; Times Higher Education

Hazel Healy New Internationalist; Deutsche Welle radio; Los Angeles Times

Helena Smith The Guardian; The Observer

Henry Porter The Observer

Iain Macwhirter Sunday Herald; The Herald

Ian Bell Sunday Herald

Ian Birrell The Observer; Daily Mail; The Mail on Sunday; Daily Telegraph

Ian Burrell The Independent

Jack Shenker The Guardian

Jake Hanrahan The Independent; Sabotage Times; Huffington Post; MTV

James Cusick, Cahal Milmo The Independent

James Harkin The Guardian; The ObserverBBC Radio 4; Newsweek; The Independent

James Macintyre Prospect; The Guardian

James Meek London Review of Books

Jamil Anderlini Financial Times

Jason Burke The Guardian; The Observer

Jenny McCartney Sunday Telegraph

Jesse Norman Financial Times; The Guardian; The Times (£); Daily Telegraph

Joan Smith The Independent; The Independent on Sunday

Joanna Biggs London Review of Books

John Harris The Guardian

John Kay Financial Times; Prospect

John Rentoul The Independent on Sunday

Jon Austin Basildon Echo

Jon Fasman The Economist

Jonathan Freedland The Guardian; Jewish Chronicle

Jonathan Miller Channel 4 News; The Guardian

Katharine Quarmby The Economist; The Times; The Guardian; The Mail on Sunday

Kathryn Torney The Detail

Kenny Farquharson Scotland on Sunday

Khadija Sharife Pambazuka

Khaled Diab The Guardian

Kim Sengupta The Independent

Kit Marsters Dreaming Genius; Huffington Post

Laurie Penny New Statesman; The Independent; Salon

Lesley Riddoch The Scotsman; The Guardian

Lisa Ansell The Guardian; New Statesman; New Internationalist

Margareta Pagano The Independent on Sunday

Mary Ann Sieghart The Independent

Mary Dejevsky The Independent

Mary O’Hara The Guardian

Mary Riddell Daily Telegraph

Matthew D’Ancona Evening Standard; GQ

Matthew Engel Financial Times

Matthew Parris The Times

Melanie Phillips Daily Mail; Jewish Chronicle; Standpoint

Melissa Kite GQ

Michael Rundle Huffington Post

Michael Wolff GQ

Neil Clark The First Post/The Week; The Guardian; The Mail on Sunday

Nesrine Malik The Guardian

Niall McCracken The Detail

Nick Harvey New Internationalist

Olivia Williams Huffington Post

Patrick Cockburn The Independent

Patrick Strudwick The Times; The Guardian; The Observer

Paul Harris The Observer

Paul Lewis The Guardian; Twitter

Paul Mason BBC Newsnight; BBC News Online; BBC Radio 4; The Guardian

Paul Vallely The Independent on Sunday

Peter Apps Reuters

Peter Kellner Prospect; YouGov

Peter Oborne Daily Telegraph; The Spectator; Channel 4 Dispatches

Peter Tatchell The Guardian; Huffington Post; New Statesman; Ceasefire

Philip Collins The Times

Rachel Shabi Al Jazeera English; The Guardian; The Independent

Rachel Sylvester The Times

Richard Godwin Evening Standard

Richard Hall The Independent; Al Jazeera English

Richard Norton-Taylor The Guardian; Oberon Books; Tricycle Theatre

Robert Fisk The Independent

Roger Boyes The Times

Rory Carroll The Guardian

Rory MacKinnon Morning Star

Rosemary Bennett The Times

Roz Kaveney The Guardian

Sam Coates The Times

Sam Knight Prospect; Harper’s; What else is there to tell?

Sam Leith Prospect

Sanchia Berg BBC Radio 4; BBC News Online

Shashank Joshi Daily Telegraph; BBC News Online; The Independent; RUSI

Simon Kuper Financial Times

Simon Reid-Henry New Statesman; Delayed Gratification; The Guardian; New Internationalist

Solomon Hughes Morning Star; Private Eye

Sophie Elmhirst New Statesman

Stefan Simanowitz Christian Science Monitor; Contemporary Review; Huffington Post; New Internationalist; The Occupied Times; Tribune

Stephen Pollard Daily Telegraph; Daily Express; Wall Street Journal Europe

Steve Richards The Independent

Tabitha Troughton tabitha troughton

Tim Adams The Observer

Toby Harnden Sunday Telegraph; Daily Telegraph; Foreign Policy

Toby Young The Spectator; BBC Radio 4; Esquire; The Idler

Tristan McConnell The Times; Columbia Journalism Review; Monocle; Prospect

Wanjohi Kabukuru African Business; Diplomat East Africa; New African Magazine; Shout Africa

William Lee Adams TIME

Zoe Williams The Guardian